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Injection Molding with Global Plastics: Beyond the Basics

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Injection molding services at Global Plastics is an ongoing collaborative process including product design, prototyping, tooling to produce the superior plastic parts you need for your business. As a leading one-stop plastic part, every selection we make ensures you gain the maximum benefit from every aspect of the project. We prototype the simplest design possible, use the optimal materials based on the part’s intended application, choose the injection molding machine by product specs and desired production volume, and provide excellent client service every step of the way. Making smart choices with a framework of efficiency and reliability is our pathway to competitive pricing compared to other suppliers. Contact Us to start the conversation and get a quote.

Global Plastics: Industries and Products

Since our founding in 1992, Global Plastics has worked with a wide variety of clients to meet their injection molding needs to produce high-quality, affordable plastic parts and components, including the following:
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Automotive Parts:

Interior panels and components (A, B, and C pillars), instrument panel parts, consoles, cup holders, decorative trim, and overhead entertainment systems; exterior fascia and bumper components, fuel doors, and lenses for lighting (headlights, turn signals, high-mount stop lights, taillights, brake lights, and so on); and various drivetrain and mechanical parts, including emissions controls, fuel delivery system components, and a variety of fasteners.

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Medical Devices and Parts:

Chemical test strips (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides); catheters, biopsy, check valves, and fluid delivery components; chemical meters, urology pumps, and orthopedics.

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Commercial Sector:

Collector box and moisture trap for high-efficiency furnaces; spools and reels for wire cable, commercial packaging, electronic housing, quick scrubber (complete assembly); scrubber for rubber membrane roofing systems.

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Food Packaging:

Custom and stock consumer packaging such as caps, closures, and bottles.

Businesses of all types are welcome to learn more about how Global Plastics can meet their needs for plastic parts, components, and products made through efficient, reliable, thermoplastic injection molding. Contact Us to discuss your needs, set up a time to meet, and get a quote for our custom service.

Cost-Effective Plastic Parts: Global Plastics Production Expertise

Injection molding is a cost-effective manufacturing process to scale the production of plastic products in the form of parts and components. Compared to the more traditional CNC machining process, injection molding results in a far less costly waste of the material used. A 3D printing process can be a good option for very small runs of unique pieces while avoiding tooling costs but can become prohibitively costly to scale up to a large production volume.
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Efficiency and Quality: Global Plastics Precision-Machined Experience

Whether your plastic product goes directly to the consumer or is a part or component of a larger assembly, Global Plastics will apply the same rigorous process in designing the product and the process that will meet your requirements at the production volume you need. Our performance commitment to efficient manufacturing principles at every stage means we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement to achieve optimal efficiency and quality. The result is a cost-benefit you’ll be hard-pressed to find at many suppliers.

There are a myriad of choices that go into achieving these results. It could be choosing the best machine for the job, such as a toggle clamp injection press versus a ram clamp press, depending on the level of precision needed in the final product. With our fleet of more than 70 injection molding machines, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got the right machine for your project. It will include choosing the suitable raw material for the product’s intended application from the variety of thermoplastic options available today. Customized service for every client means collaboratively and transparently identifying and dealing with all such decision points.

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Injection Molding 101: The Basic Process

Thermoplastic injection molding uses a machine to heat pelletized plastic resin to a temperature high enough to melt it. The molten plastic is then injected (pushed) into a metal mold (typically made of steel) cut to make the needed plastic shape, keeps the mold clamped shut while the molten plastic cools to harden it, then releases the mold and ejects the plastic product when it’s sufficiently hardened. The larger the plastic component, the larger the injection press needed. These machines are classified by the tons of pressure necessary to keep the mold clamped shut when the molten raw material is injected into it. In the Global Plastics fleet of more than 70 machines, we have the technology to cover an extensive range from 40 tons to 1,000 tons of pressure as needed.

You need a particular custom plastic part that will be used in a more extensive product assembly. It’s a relatively simple piece, but you need many of these parts—whether in the hundreds or the millions each year. You determine that the injection molding manufacturing process will likely be the most cost-effective way to meet your needs. Unlike many injection molding plants, Global Plastics creates custom parts.

Blow mold tooling

In the product design process of the project, we’ll help you determine the specifications and requirements based on how the component will be used. Based on that, we’ll suggest the right material. Injection molding can use thermoplastics, elastomers, glasses, confections, metal, and so on. Our specialty at Global Plastics is using a wide range of thermoplastic options as the raw material. We can also create a prototype to ensure the part will work for you as intended (prototyping is optional and not needed for most of our customers). If a prototype needs further adjustments, the mold might be made of aluminum, which is less durable than steel, but also less costly and much faster for prototyping and/or small production runs.

When the design is finalized, we then make the final mold(s) out of precision-machined steel and we’re ready to begin production runs at your desired volume. With our 100,000+ square feet of manufacturing space and our fleet of more than 70 late model, state-of-the-art NISSEI injection molding machines, we can handle production runs as small as thousands of pieces a year to millions of pieces a year. Global Plastics also has robust experience in accepting transfer molds tooled elsewhere to take over production runs.

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