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Advanced Plastic Assembly Services at Global Plastics


In addition to plastic welding services, Global Plastics offers a range of other secondary At Global Plastics we don’t limit our services to merely plastic injection molding a part and putting it in a box. We pride ourselves on offering an ever-changing array of secondary operations to benefit our customer clients. When a need arises that can be served by establishing a new secondary operation service, you can rest assured Global Plastics will make it happen. In our way of thinking, that’s just good business.

A Collaborative Partnership to Meet Your Needs

Leak tester
Imagine you’ve gone through the whole design, prototyping, and tooling process and are in ongoing production runs of a particular plastic product, part, or component. It comes to your attention that there’s an additional feature needed in the final piece based on end-user feedback and everyone agrees it needs to happen. Now you have a big decision to make: Will you go back through the entire process and tool a new mold to incorporate the needed feature? That will be an expensive undertaking.

What if the feature could be achieved through a secondary operation? What are the long-term cost implications of making a new mold versus an ongoing secondary operation to add the required feature? Could the secondary operation serve as a temporary transition service to keep production going while a new mold is created? At Global Plastics we’ll work with you to think through and answer these questions to help you make the best business decision possible. Below are some of the current secondary operations we offer to assist clients with specific needs:

Post-Shot CNC Machining on Plastic Injection Molded Parts

We’ve worked with customer clients who have experienced the scenario mentioned above. An additional feature needs to be incorporated into the part as soon as possible, but the current production mold doesn’t include that feature and the client isn’t ready to make an entirely new mold. Depending on the type of plastic used to create the piece, traditional CNC machining may be the fastest and most cost-effective way to cut the feature into each plastic part after it has been injection molded.

Full Assembly Work
In cases where Global Plastics is injection molding multiple plastic parts or components whose ultimate purpose is to be assembled into a finished product or device, you don’t have to send those parts off to some other vendor for the assembly work. We can handle full assembly work right here at our facilities, which saves you time and money while streamlining your supply chain. Whether it’s automated assembly or manual part-to-part bonding, we’ll get the job done cost-effectively.
Leak Testing
When your plastic components require leak testing to ensure performance in their intended application, Global Plastics can provide rigorous leak testing to confirm fitness for use against the required design standard. The equipment we use for leak testing is specifically designed to ensure the assembly is held in place with precisely calibrated clamping mechanisms that don’t add any forces that might interfere with the integrity of the test.
Automation and Robotics
While some secondary operations are still achieved manually, Global Plastics keeps up with the latest technological developments that take advantage of state-of-the-art automation equipment, including robotics, to perform secondary operations as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
Laser Cutting
When additional cutting is required on a plastic part post-molding, laser technology is the preferred choice when precision within very tight tolerance specifications is required.
Laser Degating and Material Removal
The plastic injection molding process often leaves a gate, runner, vestige, and excess flash from the mold that cannot remain on the finished product. Laser cutting technology can be precisely applied for degating purposes on small, delicate, or complex plastic parts.
Secondary Decorating Operations

In many cases, additional work is needed after a plastic piece has been injection molded to achieve the final look and aesthetic you desire. Several decoration techniques are available as secondary operations at Global Plastics, including the following:

End of arm tooling
  • Laser Engraving/Etching: The heat from a precision laser beam melts the surface of the plastic part just enough to leave an indentation in the desired pattern, whether it’s the company logo or a QR code with product information.
  • Labeling: If you want the molded plastic part to carry a label so it’s ready for resale at its destination, we can apply those labels as a secondary operation at Global Plastics rather than sending it elsewhere for labeling.
  • Pad Printing: When you need the appearance of your final plastic part to include more than one color, pad printing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve it. Pad printing (also called stamping) is also easier to adapt to cover curves and rounded edges than screen printing.
  • Hot Stamping: This is another way to change the final appearance of a plastic injection molded piece, including color, texture, or giving it a metallic look with specific films and foils. The ink is applied at high temperatures to ensure a superior bond of ink to plastic, resulting in a durable finish.

Kitting Services to Streamline Your Supply Chain and Reduce Costs

If your company needs multiple plastic parts or components that we’ve made by injection molding to be bagged or packaged together so they’re ready for sale, we can do this for you. The advantages of including kitting as a secondary operation to your project are obvious. It takes the pressure off your company of having to find and pay for kitting labor, which can be a real challenge in a tight labor market. It simplifies your supply chain by removing the need to send the parts off to another vendor just for kitting services. We can also use your branded packaging reducing packaging waste and cost. Every link added to your supply chain represents another point of risk for bottlenecks, delays, and potential mistakes.

Global Plastics: Secondary Operations to Meet Your Needs
As the needs of our customers change, so do the value-added secondary operations we offer at Global Plastics. In our collaborative partnership approach, the goal is always the same: To meet your needs as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. When we do this, our success is your success. Get in touch through the contact us page of our website to learn more about what Global Plastics can do for you.
In-house secondary operations at Global Plastics such as ultrasonic welding and hot plate welding to save you time and money.
Enhance your plastic parts as needed at Global Plastics with in-house laser etching, pad printing, hot stamping, and labeling.
Money-saving secondary operations offered in-house include post-shot machining, degating, leak testing, assembly, and kitting.